Faculty Of History And SociologyFields of study

  • History
  • Sociology
  • International relations
  • Eastern studies
  • Cognitive science and communication
  • Philosophy and ethics

Message from the Dean of the Faculty of History and Sociology

Dear Students and Guests,
we welcome you at the the Faculty of History and Sociology of the University of Bialystok. Our Faculty has been created in 1999 and consists of two institutes: the Institute of History and Political Studies and the Institute of Sociology and Cognitive Science.

Despite its fairly recent date of foundation, the history of our faculty dates back to 1968 when the Branch of the University of Warsaw was created in Bialystok. We existed as part of the University of Warsaw until 1997 when the University of Bialystok as an independent institution of higher education was created.

Today, the Faculty of History and Sociology educates yearly around 900 students in five majors: history, sociology, international relations, eastern studies, philosophy, and cognitive science and communication. We offer stationary study programs with the following degrees: Master of History, Master of Sociology, Master of International Relations, Master of Philosophy, as well as Licentiate (BA) in all of these subjects and Eastern Studies, Cognitive Science and Communication and Philosophy and Ethics.

Our graduates are also welcome to join the doctoral program in history and sociology and many postgraduate programs including: philosophy and ethics, preservation and promotion of cultural heritage, genealogical studies, archive studies, man and women equality in education, and other.

Our faculty as well as university libraries are well supplied with international materials and offer access to some of the popular scientific databases. In 2013 The Faculty of History and Sociology has been recognized by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education with the A category for its outstanding quality of scientific research.

We truly believe Bialystok is a wonderful place to study. Situated in the north-eastern part of Poland (the land of national parks, woods, and lakes), the city offers a unique, peaceful atmosphere. At the same time it is a centre of academics in this region of the country and offers much lower costs of living than most of the other higher education cities in Poland. The Faculty of History and Sociology is located in the very heart of Bialystok, in the direct vicinity of the main square of the city.

I hope this guide will provide you with all the necessary information, answer most of your
questions and ensure you our school is the right place to enjoy the benefits of international

Please feel invited to our Faculty!
Professor Joanna Sadowska
Dean of the Faculty of History and Sociology
University of Bialystok